We are in love with Bonito
We are in love with Bonito

We are in love with Bonito and its landscapes, colors, aromas, flavors, energies, stories, residents and visitors.

We are teachers, Indianists, biologistslogos, traders, travel agents, entrepreneurs, chefs kitchen, tourismlogos, shopkeepers, historians, tour guides, hoteliers and artisans. 

Together we representzenthose of Bonito, gathered in different associations, all dedicated to receiving thousands of Brazilian tourists and from more than 200 nations, annually - and transforming each of their trips into hundreds of memorable experiences.

We are IDB, the Institute for Development of Bonito, and we created this portal to show the world that Bonito It is an unrivaled travel destination.

The portal Bonito Incomparable is a nonprofit initiative of IDB, Bonito, created by associations linked to leisure and event tourism in Bonito.

The portal Bonito Incomparable will always have new stories, tips, curiosities and news. 

Remember to come back! If you wish, we can let you know:

                                                             Institute for Development of Bonito


The Institute for Development of Bonito (IDB) was incorporated on 19 March 2019 and is governed by the By-Laws and applicable law.


The IDB has its headquarters and Forum in the Municipality of Bonito, State of Mato Grosso do Sul. It operates primarily in the region of Bonito and Serra da Bodoquena, State of Mato Grosso do SulHowever, it may operate in other areas of the country.


IDB is a private, non-profit, non-economic corporation incorporated in an association format with an indefinite term.


IDB does not distribute among its associates, directors, officers or donors, any gross or net operating surpluses, dividends, bonuses, interests or portions of its equity earned through the exercise of its activities, and will fully apply them in the pursuit of its business. social objective.


In carrying out the activities and projects there will be no prejudice based on race, skin color, gender, religion, origin, gender, age or any other forms of discrimination.


The IDB will not engage in religious, partisan, or any other issues that do not fit its institutional goals.


These are IDB purposes:


- Disseminate and promote the tourist destination of Bonito and Serra da Bodoquena at regional, national and international levels; 

- Foster the sustainable development of local and regional tourism;

- Promote culture, education, sport and leisure in partnership with private and public entities;

- To act in the conservation of the historical, artistic and cultural patrimony;

- Stimulate the defense and preservation of the environment;

- Promote ethics, citizenship, equal rights, democracy, peace and other universal values;

- Carry out strategic projects to improve the tourism infrastructure and its promotion:

- Articulate and mobilize public and private acts to strengthen ecologically sustainable tourism;

- Support the development of new tourist attractions, products and services;

- Stimulate the capture of public or private events;

- Support training and certification actions to improve the quality and competitiveness of tourism;

- Develop studies and research aimed at strengthening tourism;

- Raising public and private resources and attracting new investments;

- Sign agreements, partnerships, incentives with institutions of regular education, public agencies and companies in the third sector.

- The IDB may practice other activities that were not listed above, as long as they are aimed at promoting tourism in Bonito and Serra da Bodoquena, and correlates.


To fulfill its purposes, the IDB:


- Will act through the direct execution of projects, programs or action plans, the donation of physical, human and financial resources, or the provision of intermediary support services to other non-profit organizations and public sector bodies that operate in related areas , aimed directly at promoting tourism.


- May sign agreements, contracts, terms of partnership, terms of cooperation and promotion, protocols, terms of joint action or other legal instruments with individuals or legal entities under private or public law, national or foreign.


IDB – Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Bonito
February 24 Street 1507 Bonito | Mato Grosso do Sul | 79.290-000
Info @bonitoin.com


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