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Website Privacy Policy Bonito Incomparable (bonito-in.com) owned by IDB – Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Bonito, was designed to reaffirm IDB's commitment to the privacy and security of information collected from Users who access the site.


Please read the information presented here carefully. They indicate how your personal data is collected, used and protected on the site. Bonito Incomparable. By providing or browsing personal information, you are automatically agreeing to the rules of use, protection and security set forth herein.


Privacy Policy General Conditions


This policy covers the treatment that IDB / Bonito Incomparable gives information capable of identifying Users, whether collected directly on the site, or weaponszenin their electronic databases by other means of collection, such as filling out registrations or consulting customer service through the website www.bonito-in.com and its pages on social networks (Facebook: @bonito.comparable and Instagram: @bonito.incomparable).


This policy does not apply to companies where IDB does not exercise ownership or control. The site may provide access to links to other external sites whose content and privacy policies are not the responsibility of IDB. Therefore, we recommend that Users, when redirected to external sites, always consult their privacy policies before providing their data or information.


For purposes of this policy, the following considerations must be observed:


1- The Institute for Development of Bonito (IDB) is a non-profit organization formed by tourism-related trade and leisure Bonito and Pantanal South, with the objective of expanding the sector's activity and developing the local economy. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable does not sell accommodation, transportation, tours or any other kind of product and service - but it is at the disposal of the User to send travel budgets prepared by IDB partner tourism agencies / Bonito Incomparable, provided the User makes this request explicitly through specific forms available on the site, on social networks or through interactions on social networks on the IDB / Bonito Incomparable. 


2 - The IDB / Bonito Incomparable collects personally identifiable information only if it is submitted voluntarily. Users can have their names, phone numbers and email addresses requested. Users may, however, visit the IDB / Bonito Incomparable anonymously. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable collects personally identifiable information from Users when they: (i) sign up for our site to receive newsletters; (ii) request the receipt of IDB travel agency and hotel budgets; (iii) fill in any information form; and (v) participate in our promotions or contests. 


3 - For each of the data collection modalities, different information may be requested, depending on the purpose of each one. Thus, Users will always be informed about the data that is being collected, being at their discretion whether to provide it or not, and in each case, Users will also be warned about the consequences of their decision.


4- We will share User's personal information outside of IDB / Bonito Unmatched when we have your consent. For example, if the User requests travel-related budgets to be sent to Bonito, the IDB / Bonito Incomparable will ask for your permission before sharing your name, email and phone number with IDB's associated partner travel agencies / Bonito Incomparable. We will seek your explicit consent to share any sensitive personal information.


5- When requesting budget receipt from IDB partner travel agencies / Bonito Incomparable User agrees and acknowledges that the eventual commercialization of products and services will occur directly between the User and the travel agency, exempting IDB / Bonito Unmatched by any occurrence related to hotel reservations, transportation, restaurants and tours.


6- The IDB / Bonito Incomparable you can use the email address provided to answer questions and other needs. If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, you will receive emails that may include news from IDB / Bonito Unmatched, updates, information related to products or services of associated partners, etc. In order for the User to be able at any time to decide to unsubscribe and stop receiving future emails, the IDB / Bonito Incomparable I have included at the bottom of each email detailed information about unsubscribing.


7 - OI IDB / Bonito Incomparable also receives and weaponzenautomatically, through cookies, information on their servers about the activities arising from the User's browser, including the IP address and the page accessed. Records of events and activities on the IDB / Bonito Incomparable logs will only be used for statistical and service metric purposes. However, the IDB / Bonito Incomparable reserves the right to make use of such records, individually, in the event of a court order to that effect or the occurrence of events requiring such measures, including but not limited to investigations by IDB / Bonito Unparalleled promote in an attempt to elucidate cases of authorship or access evidence, hacker attacks, improper system changes, provide evidence in court proceedings, etc.


8 - The receipt of certain information by the IDB / Bonito Unsurpassed, such as values ​​for lodging, transportation and booking of tours, is subject to the provision of User's personal data, as well as the acceptance of cookies navigation. When deciding to provide his personal data, the User declares to know and accept the terms of this policy.


9 - The IDB website / Bonito Incomparable allows you to unsubscribe from e-mails with news, promotional offers, new products and events. The procedure for making this cancellation is available at the bottom of each email. As an alternative to the cancellation, the User can send an email to info @bonitoin.com requesting unsubscription.


10 - All data received from Users travel using a standard Internet encryption process. Therefore, the information you provide is automatically encoded by a specific technological system. Thus, your personal data and any other information provided to IDB / Bonito Incomparable are encoded before being transmitted. 


11 - Any information provided by Users will be collected and stored, in accordance with the strictest safety and reliability standards practiced by the market. We will use our best efforts to maintain the integrity of the information provided to us.


12 - All personal data collected will be incorporated into the IDB / Bonito Incomparable, the IDB being responsible for its guard and weaponzensafe under this Privacy Policy.


13 - IDB uses the information collected for the following general purposes: (i) to inform about new products from IDB's associated partners; (ii) keep Users' records updated for purposes of telephone contact, by electronic mail, direct mail, SMS or other means of communication; (iii) improve usability and the interactive experience during the User's navigation on the IDB website / Bonito Incomparable; (iv) prepare general statistics, without identifying the Users; (v) respond to questions and requests from its Users; (vi) conduct communication and relationship marketing campaigns, as well as publicize special offers from associated partners; (vii) communicate with Users to provide them with information about the IDB / Bonito (Viii) share User data with associated partners when the User explicitly requests that IDB / Bonito Unparalleled share this data for the User budgets related to accommodation, transportation and tours.


14 - The User guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data he provides to the IDB / Bonito Unmatched as well as assumes the corresponding responsibility. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable assumes no liability in the event of inaccuracy of the data entered by the User.


15 - The User may, at any time, carry out the rectifications he deems convenient in his personal data, simply by making them by sending an email to info @bonitoin.com.


16 - the IDB / Bonito Incomparable does not make requests for personal data from its Users by telephone. 


17 - We reiterate that the IDB / Bonito Incomparable does not solicit password, bank or credit card details from its Users in any way. Therefore, if you receive an email, SMS message, or phone contact with this type of approach and content, please do not reply, disregard it and, if possible, forward it to IDB / Bonito Incomparable, by email info @bonitoin.com. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable is active in the fight against electronic fraud and has the awareness of its customers and users to practice safe browsing on the Internet.


18 - Some internet service providers have offered their users Anti toolsSpam to avoid receiving unwanted emails. These tools act as blockers of e-mails not authorized by the User. If you have an Anti tool on your computerSpam enabled, you may not receive promotional emails from IDB / Bonito Incomparable. To ensure receipt of emails from the IDB / Bonito Incomparable, add the domain @bonitoin.com as authorized by your provider. Only then will you be able to receive our emails normally. If you need more information, contact your ISP.


19- Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you, User, do not agree to these terms, please do not use our site. Your continued use of the site, even if followed by changes to this privacy policy, will be deemed acceptance of these terms and their changes.

This Privacy Policy is subject to constant improvement and enhancement. Therefore, we recommend your periodic consultation.


If the IDB / Bonito Incomparable, at any time, promote substantial change in the way you use the personal information collected, will report the new conditions of privacy and security of information to registered Users, through electronic communication. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email IDB / Bonito Incomparable, info @bonitoin.com.


This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Your text should be interpreted in Portuguese. IDB Site Users / Bonito Incomparable submit to the County Council of the City of BonitoState of Mato Grosso do Sul.


For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following concepts should be considered:


Antivirus: Program or software specifically designed to detect, nullify, and eliminate viruses from your computer.


Cookies: These are small files of weapon textszenon your computer and kept in memory. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable sends them automatically to you so that your browsing information is recorded and can be identified when you access the site again, enabling IDB / Bonito Unparalleled provides you with personalized Users browsing your access profile. In addition, the cookies help you determine what service and support information is appropriate for your computer, as well as streamline your shopping experience on our website.


Cryptography: Science and art of writing messages in encrypted form or in code. It is part of a field of study that deals with secret communications. Used, among other purposes, to protect the confidentiality of personal and commercial communications.


IP adress (Internet Protocol): This address is a unique number for each computer connected to the internet, consisting of a sequence of numbers separated by '.'. For example:


Social engineering: An attack method in which a person makes use of persuasion, often abusing User naivete or trust, in order to obtain information that can be used to gain unauthorized access to computers or sensitive data.


Email: Electronic message transmission tool, also known as electronic mail.


Internet: Worldwide network of interconnected devices. It consists of several smaller networks joined by a common set of protocols.


SPAM: Term used to refer to unsolicited emails, usually sent to a large number of people, with no possibility of deletion from the recipient list.


PHISHING: Emails that typically report false re-enrollment request conditions. The IDB / Bonito Incomparable does not request User registration by email.

User: Anyone who has any access to the site or completes IDB / Bonito Unparalleled or consult customer service available on social networks IDB / Bonito Incomparable.


Virus: A program that can infect other programs and files on a computer by embedding a copy of itself into one of them, which, when executed, also runs the virus, continuing the infection process.


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