For each corner of Bonito and Pantanal South that look you will find something exciting to be discovered. In crystalline rivers: floating, diving, boat trips, kayaking and giant buoys. Among the woods: spectacular caves, a beach with soft sands and incredible landscapes to explore on trails. Right there: fazenda pantaneira and waterfall that goes up to the sky.

Different emotions on the same ride: choose

Many tours of Bonito offer more than one activity. Even doing nothing becomes a big attraction here. In general you have the option to purchase only certain activities of these tours, with different values ​​for adults and children. 

Prices for tours in Bonito and region

R $ 40,00 per person is the answer to a question that many people ask: how much does it cost at least to take a ride on Bonito? Values ​​change from ride to ride - and are different in high and low season. Children pay less, starting at R $ 7,20. 

Are you coming with kids?

If you plan to come to Bonito with the kids take a look at the page Bonito for kids, here on the portal. All tours have activities for them, from minimum age or height. And we tell you what the little ones will enjoy a lot on each ride.

Bonito among the world's most accessible 7 destinations

Eta Canada has listed 7 world destinations with tourism options that are accessible to travelers with disabilities, sensory disabilities or reduced mobility. Bonito It was the only Brazilian city on the list. We gathered on the page Accessibility, here on the portal, the tours that have structure and activities for people with reduced mobility, vision and hearing.

Book tours in advance

It is essential to remember that tours in Bonito have a certain daily visitation limit, tightly controlled by the Voucher Único. So book the tours in advance. A month in advance will give you a safe margin, 15 days in advance is acceptable. Of course you can find a seat at the last minute. The tourism portal of National Geographic well defined the benefits of this system: “With vouchers limited, you'll be more likely to see what you want without waiting. ”

The guides of Bonito make everything else Bonito

All tours are accompanied by at least one expert guide, advising you on caring for the environment and telling interesting things about the trail, the river, the cave, the birds, the mammals, the flora - and even curiosities and stories. funny. Some tours, such as those involving floating, abseiling and tree climbing, are accompanied by more than one guide, as well as a special support structure. Without the guides Bonito would be less bonito.

Temperatures in Bonito

When to go to Bonito? Each time of the year has its characteristics, its charms. In summer, with an average above 30º Celsius, river waters reach maximum volume. In winter, when temperatures can exceed 27º Celsius, the color of the flowers and a fantastic light gives a special touch to everything. You will not feel cold in any season of the year when you float: the wetsuit isolates your body from the temperature of the water in the rivers.

Can't swim? Relax, you will float

You don't need to know how to swim to do the float rides. In addition to preventing you from feeling cold, the neoprene clothing will prevent it from sinking. For extra safety, you'll also use a float vest, surrounded by buoys. In addition to these equipment, will use a diving mask and a snorkel. Before the float begins, you will receive a mini mask and snorkel training. Floating, with your face half submerged, you will relax and enjoy the fantastic underwater look of the rivers of Bonito, following the gentle course of the waters.

How about lunch on the ride?

Some tours of Bonito already include lunch in their rates. In others the lunch is charged separately. Photo: Multi Frequency

Sun Bath

Day Use , R$ 70,00 (Brazilian Real)

Sucuri Bar

Float, R$ 171,00 (Brazilian Real)

Jaguar's Mouth

Trails and waterfall with lunch, R$ 267,00 (Brazilian Real)

Bonito Scuba

Scuba River Formoso , R$ 312,00 (Brazilian Real)

Araras Hole

Visitation, R$ 82,00 (Brazilian Real)

Cabanas Adventure

Buoy Cross, R$ 87,00 (Brazilian Real)

Waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena

Waterfalls with lunch, R $ 178,00

Mimosa Ecotourism Resort

Trail and Waterfalls, R $ 117,00

Fazenda Ceita Core

Waterfall with lunch - R $ 217,00

Fazenda San Francisco

Part Time Lunch Tour, R$ 155,00 (Brazilian Real)

Caves of São Miguel

Visitation, R$ 52,00 (Brazilian Real)

Mysterious Lagoon

Scuba diving, R $ 400,00

Rising Blue

Fluctuation without lunch, R $ 192,00

Waterfalls Park

Waterfalls, R $ 116,00

Rio Ecological Park Formoso

Lagoa, R$ 82,00 (Brazilian Real)

Figueira Beach

Day Use , R$ 67,00 (Brazilian Real)

Project Jiboia

Visitation, R$ 50,00 (Brazilian Real)

Refúgio from Barra

Visitation, R$ 52,00 (Brazilian Real)

Start now planning your trip to Bonito!

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We will always post new information about the ecosystem that makes Bonito an incomparable place for nature lovers.


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* Prices mentioned refer to the activity mentioned during the low season, per adult. Tariff valid until June 30, 2021.  

* Low season: January to December, except holidays, January holidays and July holidays.


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