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Rising Blue

It is very easy to imagine yourself dreaming, running through the lush forests among wild animals, floating among the fish in crystal blue waters. This deep connection with nature allows us to experience intense emotions. The Blue Spring, first of all, is a feeling: happiness in a crystalline state.


Maximum Visitors / Day:

870 visitors 

Adults and children, restricted to some activities

Activities: Fluctuation, day use spa, adventure and scuba diving.

8: 00 as 16: 00 Low Season 8: 00 as 17: 00 High Season 

Access the Site: springblue.com.br


Disney ecological!

Some compare the Blue Spring with Disneyland. An ecological Disney, because it is possible to live different experiences of interaction with nature. But the differences are more striking: Walt Disney built a magnificent theme park in the swamps of Florida, and the Blue Spring went through the opposite process: the fazengave way to original nature. Perhaps Walt Disney did not think of making ecology the biggest attraction of his park for two reasons, because not even geniuses can think of everything, and because Florida is not Bonito.

Float, dive, fly or just relax: 4 ways to enjoy the Blue Spring

The Blue Spring is a complete ride, playful, relaxing and also with a lot of adrenaline. It is in fact an ecotourism complex that provides different forms of integration with nature: trails through the riparian forests, floating, bathing, scuba diving in the Chapel Lake and Adventure Spring Blue, with human pendulum and the largest zip line of the Mato Grosso do Sul.


After a brief presentation of the activity by the guide, you will follow the trail with full accessibility amidst the lush landscapes of the riparian forest, including an amazing waterfall of limestone tufts. Native animals can often be spotted, such as monkeys, pecans, deer, tapirs and many birds. The trail ends at the East, where you will contemplate a natural phenomenon that will be forever recorded in your memory.

Photo: Marcio Cabral

Unraveled the mystery of the turquoise spring

Since it was first found, the striking shades of blue of the water in the Blue Spring have intrigued people. Until science gave name to what happens there: mirroring, a spectacular optical phenomenon that can only be observed in some places on the planet, where the water reflects the incredible turquoise tone that gave rise to the name Blue Rising. Add swimming fish, an incredible variety of aquatic plants in this colorful and bright world. Now imagine yourself floating in it.

Floating will be natural for you

After a brief hands-on training you will feel perfectly adapted to floatation equipment. The most anticipated time has come: to enter a real aquarium framed by the woods, where sunlight makes the water a mirror with different shades of blue, including the rare and sparkling turquoise.

Diving towards the heart of the Blue Spring

The waters of the Spring sprout 7 meters from the surface, at an average flow of 182 liters per second - enough to form a river from a single spring! Something rare. How about knowing where the energy and magic of these waters are born, feeling small air bubbles hugging your body? Take off the floating vest, hold and breathe and dive deep into the depths of the spring. The fish will accompany you on the trip.

The most amazing 300 meters you have ever traveled

Another exciting journey will begin now. Replace the floating vest and relax. You will feel your legs rising slowly. You will have the impression that an invisible hand keeps your body horizontal, only partially submerged in the water. Breathe normally through snorkeling and enjoy the spectacle that takes place 360 ​​degrees around you: the submerged life of the Blue Spring. Meanwhile, almost without realizing it, the smooth flow of water from the river will take you floating for approximately 300 meters where you will see a lot of life: there are more than 10 species of fish, more than 30 types of plants.

Streamless and exciting

Floating in the Blue Spring is a formidable experience, intense in new sensations and very quiet to be realized, because it has no current and is a wide river. Each group is made up of a maximum of 10 people, with permanent monitoring of the guide. At the end of the activity you will return to the receptive of the ride in a support car.

The Spa can be very quiet or full of fun. You choose.

Here at Balneário Nascente Azul you can relax enjoying the beautiful landscapes surrounding the ecological pool, the playful beach with kiosks, children building sand castles, the chapel and the crystalline lake of green running water coming from the Spring, inhabited by a wide variety of plants and fish that always interact with people, trees and birds complete this natural setting. You also have an excellent bar and restaurant structure, decorated by local artists inspired by indigenous themes of the tribe Kadiwéu. 


If you are looking for more excitement, we highlight the Aqualokko, a circuit of water suspension bridges, as well as kids and adult zip lines.


At Balneario Nascente Azul you will also find: beach with kiosks, waterfall, ecological swimming pool, volleyball court, playground, locker room, hammock and bar and restaurant service.

Tranquility, Emotion and Fun integrated with nature

In the center of the lake you will see adults and children balancing on ever-moving bridges, knocking them all over and producing water splashes and waterfalls of laughter: this is Aqualokko. Kids fly by in the water zip lines. At another point, people celebrate their communion with nature in the ecumenical chapel dedicated to Mother Nature. Nearby, people bathe in the waterfall, the invigorating massage made by the force of water in contact with the body.

The waterfall of calcareous tufas that was reborn

Between the main receptive and the Blue Rising Adventure receptive you will find one of the most beautiful images of Bonito: a waterfall of limestone tufts, natural travertine formations composed of unevenness and steps that make up a true spectacle of nature. A long waterfall that flows into a veil. Complementing the show, fishing birds are always there waiting for unsuspecting fish. Near the waterfall you will find an old MCE - Micro Power Station, in full operation and part of the history of Bonito.

Zip Line: 500 Meters of Pure Emotion

Welcome to Adventure, yet another way Blue Spring shows you what it is Bonito When you have the spirit of adventure. The largest zip line in the Mato Grosso do Sul this one. It will reveal to you the natural wonders of Bonito from a sweeping point of view: flying over a paradise setting. You will have at your feet riparian forests and beautiful waterfalls. Around you, as far as you can see, the landscape of the magnificent Serra da Bodoquena. Beside you, birds, which may beckon you in complicity.

Blue Rising Adventure Tower, you need to know!

The Adventure Tower, with a beautiful view of the Serra da Bodoquena, will be your starting point for an irresistible joke: the Human Pendulum. Fun and strong emotions await you! Your body will be raised to a height of up to 12 meters, but will feel much higher due to the uneven terrain. You will be tied to cables in a kind of big swing. When the pendulum mechanism is activated, each small movement it makes has its force multiplied in the opposite direction. Goodbye, gravity! There you go spinning and bouncing in the air, like no child who discovered to possess superpowers.

Chapel Lake, crystal clear as the waters of the Blue Spring

The time has come to know one more activity offered by the Nascente Azul ecotourism complex, which puts you in contact with nature: scuba diving in Lago da Capela. The lake is crystal clear, supplied by running water that comes directly from the Blue Spring. Here you can notice yet another phenomenon of nature: the blue waters of the spring when forming the lake, turn into a deep emerald green - the perfect scenario and the ideal opportunity to dive among the rich aquatic fauna and flora of Bonito. The dive lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

No one needs to have a course or certification card

Everyone can scuba dive between schools of fish and fish that are very friendly. Diving in Lago da Capela is a super fun experience, accessible for those who have never dived and even for those who cannot swim. And 100% safe, with groups of a maximum of 2 divers, accompanied at all times by a diving instructor. Lago da Capela is up to 5 meters deep. That provide infinite smiles of enchantment.

Is accessibility important to you?

Nascente Azul has a real concern with accessibility, understanding that it is their duty that their ecotourism activities should extend to everyone, including the little ones, the best age and people with some physical limitation, regardless of their degree. Consequently our accessibility project makes our facilities safer and more comfortable for all our visitors.

Certainly safety is important to you and your family.

Safety is fundamental and a major factor in the experience that Nascente Azul has provided to our visitors. The tour is certified by the international standard ISSO 21101, in the Safety Management System for the practice of adventure tourism activities. And for greater peace of mind for visitors, Nascente Azul has insurance in all activities, in addition to keeping its entire team trained and certified by Organs responsible bodies.

Nascente Azul also saves your trip

You can purchase the voucher just for day use at Balneário Nascente Azul. But if you acquire any other activity, such as floating, scuba diving or Adventure, you can enjoy the day use do Balneário without additional cost: it will be included! With that, in addition to saving by not having to buy an extra activity, which will already be included, you save your precious time in Bonito.

Blue Spring - Carlos Eduardo on the São Paulo Stock Exchange Bonito MS Bonito Unmatched_banner
My story with Bonito

Agitated people, all screaming at the same time, bells, every second fazengiving the difference and quotes at the center of everything, determining winners and losers. Carlos Eduardo was 14 when he started working on the stock exchange, in this stressful world where the buzzing heart constantly beats at a fast pace. Ecotourism, especially the passion for water, was the way he found to relax. One day Carlos Eduardo found out Bonito!

An emotional bond

Love at first sight is what sums up how I felt when I met Bonito, in 2008. The feeling was of such proportion, the place moved me so much, that I immediately decided to buy something for my family there. I looked at some lands, but none attracted me. A few months later I got a call from a friend, sayingzenthan it had a special property to show me. He sent me photos and videos, which I still cherish to this day.

Love, enchantment and the power of nature transform lives

I could see in the images waters of blue so intense and luminous that it was almost necessary to blink to keep looking. And love turned into enchantment, that was exactly what I dreamed. I boarded for Bonito the next day. Little did I know, but that place would transform the story of my life!

Chapel Lake in 2008, before the environmental recovery project 

I came across the neglect of nature

I personally got to know the area I bought. I saw the effects of erosion on the banks due to the trampling of cattle, in the river the oxen entered freely. I saw the siltation of the river by land and organic material carried by the rains: they had removed the riparian vegetation and planted grass on many points of the banks to feed the cattle. I didn't see what they said was one of the biggest waterfalls consisting of natural limestone tufa pools of Bonito. The course of the river had been diverted to supply the tanks for commercial fish farming, interrupting the flow of water to the waterfall. The limestone tufts were invaded by grass. Sadness is the word that describes everything I saw.

Things we only see if we close our eyes

I closed my eyes and wondered what this place was once. A masterpiece of nature, with the green of the forests contrasting with the turquoise blue of the waters. A paradise of life, with birds and small mammals coloring the landscape even more. I took a deep breath and promised that everything there would be reborn. I gave to the fazenname Rio Bonito. The watercourse I called the Nascente Azul. And the financial market professional was starting there, even if he didn't know it yet, to become a conservationist entrepreneur.

Riparian Forest Recovery Work Begins in 2008

The math of nature is different from the math I knew

On the Stock Exchange, when 10.000 invested become 2.000, it is a sign of catastrophe. In nature, 10.000 seedlings planted can become 2.000 adult trees - a huge success when you are ready to reforest a degraded area. I learned this from the fantastic people I chose to assist me in the recovery of the family biome.zenda and nascent, an exhausting process that took many years until the first results appeared. In moments of discouragement and impatience, I recharged myself in the strength, energy and wisdom of nature, which was continually recovering.

Dream, determination and perseverance

Some actions should be highlighted in the environmental recovery project of the Nascente Azul Complex:


1- Reforestation of riparian vegetation;

2- Soil and water recovery and conservation through the implementation of contour lines throughout the area;

3- Deactivation of deviations and restoration of the original river course;

4- Isolation and permanent preservation of 100 meters from the river;

5- Limestone Tufa Waterfalls Recovery;

6- Expansion of legal reserve areas;

7- Connection with forest remnants;

8- Formation of corridors for wildlife circulation and protection.

Sharing is multiplying joys

Do you know when you have something infinitely beautiful and rare, and find that your greatest joy will be sharing with others? The idea of ​​opening the Blue Spring for visitation came up in 2010. Along with her came another two years of studies, environmental licenses and actions. More work. Nature made every day worth it, no matter how hard it was.


I want to share with you, in the video below, what Blue Spring means in terms of peace and life.


Click and receive Blue Spring energy

The attractive Blue Spring is born, shared nature

The Blue Spring Ecotourism Complex opened in mid-2012. Every detail has been planned in terms of sustainable tourism, involving work of proficiency from different environmental areas, such as biology, geology and hydrology, among others. The various structures and equipment of the Complex are integrated not only with nature, but also with a plan of constant technical improvement and environmental monitoring.

They are back!

One day I was told that the animals at the top of the food chain had returned to the Blue Spring. That is, all species below them had already returned. An entire chain had been restored. It was an incredible feeling to realize this dream.

Nature always reflects who we really are.

Adults and children playing together, laughing, all that nature. 

I started to feel that this was my oxygen, which gave meaning to my life. I was over 40 years old when I started to manage the Blue Spring and experience it all in my daily life. Just like the fazenda and the source, I too had been reborn. THE Carlos Eduardo, better known as Jeca na Bolsa, who only counted numbers, today has smiles and bright eyes of joy, was born Carlão da Nascente Azul. As I look at my reflection in the clear waters of the Blue Spring I see a blessed man filled with a deep sense of gratitude.

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