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The History and Stories of Bonito

The name of those who first looked at these landscapes and baptized the place was lost in time, summarizing what the wonders he saw in one word: Bonito! Maybe it was a kadiwéu, people who arrived in the 16th or 17th century to the lands we call today Mato Grosso do Sul.


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Legend of the Creation of kadiwéu

An indigenous legend says that God created the world and promised that He would return the next day to deliver tools to the people. The only ethnicity that did not wait for the utensils was the Indians Kadiwéu and therefore, as a reward, with a strong breath, the Creator gave them a vastness of land where they would live and from which to make their living. 

First contact with kadiwéu

Os Kadiwéu belong to the guaicuru linguistic family - and in the kadiwéu There are many differences between male and female speech. Part of historians believe that the first contact of kadiwéu with white it occurred in the 16th century, through a European expedition. The kadiwéu live today in territory located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, on land in the region of Bonito and Pantanal sul-mato-grossense.

Heroics and artists

A quick look at Guaicuru culture already leaves transparecer that they are pragmatic. In the Paraguayan War, which began in 1864 and ended in 1870, Guaicurus they made an agreement with the Portuguese Empire that if they fought for Brazil they would have their lands recognized, which in fact happened. Two opposing skills, art and warmth, coexist harmoniously in the culture Kadiwéu. Here in Bonito you will be able to admire and even buy beautiful ceramic pieces with the colorful and elegant characteristic geometry kadiwéu. To these two are added a third, that of breeders of vast equine herds.

Gold buried under fig trees

Many battles of the Paraguayan War took place in the Mato Grosso do Sul. The Uruguayans who came to fight in Brazilian lands brought gold to make a living, and buried it next to a fig tree. On the way home, they dug up their treasure. It turns out that many never came back. Not forthwith bringing shovels, the nature of Bonito It is untouchable.

Jean Batpiste Debret put the Guaicurus in art history

In 1822, with the watercolor he called Guaicuru Cavalry Charge, JBDebret portrayed the knights skills of the Guaicurus, –And mentioned: “they imagine a ruse that, in itself, gives an idea of ​​their skill and skill in the horse. Each rider, solely supported with his right foot on the stirrup, holds the mane with his left hand and thus remains suspended and lying along the horse's body and maintains this attitude until he gets to carry the spear and then stands in the saddle and fights advantageously… ”

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How did the municipality come about?

It is known that in 1869 there was a Fazenfrom the corner Bonito, belonging to the municipality of MirandaBy embracing in its 10,5 square leagues much of the natural beauty that today amazes the world. In 1915, the place that was called Vila Rincão Bonito is separate from Miranda and elevated to the Peace District of Bonito. On 02 October 1948 is born the Municipality of Bonito.

Bonito for few

Until the 1970 years the wonders of Bonito they were a privilege only for its residents. But each one who arrived, usually a distant relative of some resident, was enchanted by thespawaters in the Gruta do Lago Azul and Ilha do Padre, which received infrastructure for tourist visitation. At the end of the 1970s, the Gruta do Lago Azul with IPHAN - National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute.

Photo: André Seale

Spectacular discoveries

In the 1980, at the initiative of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Mato Grosso do Sulspeleologos Clayton Ferreira Lino and Paulo Boggiani conducted surveys in caves of Bonito and discovering new caves. At that time Bonito It already received tourists in increasing volume, but still in an amateur way, which entailed risks to the environment. 

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Bonito find your true destiny

From 1983, when the City Hall of Bonito declared tourism as a vocation of the municipality, the directions of the local economy began to shift from farming region to ecotourism hub. Three years later, in 1986, the CONDEMA, Municipal Council for Conservation and Defense of the Environment, was created. For the next nine years Bonito already offered a beautiful variety of tourist attractions.

TV reveals Bonito for all Brazilians

Bonito was launched as a tourist destination when its natural beauty was revealed on Brazilian television in 1990. Transpaclose, rivers that looked like aquariums of mesmerizing blue, fabulous waterfalls, mysterious caves. Everyone was sure that paradise was in Brazil.

The Council of Bonito that inspired other destinations

In 1995 the Municipal Tourism Council of Bonito - COMTUR, today a national reference for the implementation of Councils in other tourist destinations in Brazil. 

Photo: Daniel De Granville

Voucher Único de Bonito, nature preserved for the world

Also in 1995 is created the system of Voucher Único, mandatory document for tourists to visit the tours. The system of Voucher Único, made digital in 2010, stipulates the maximum daily visitability of each Bonitofrom severe environmental impact studies.

Photo: Breno Teixeira

Bonito it's soap opera scenario

Alma Gemini, by Walcyr Carrasco, shown on Rede Globo between June 2005 and March 2006, there were scenes of the character Serena recorded in idyllic locations in Bonito. The production of about 70 professionals was assisted by firefighters, Army military and an abseiling team to transport the equipment.

If you click, you will be thrilled

Fernanda Reverdito, from the House of Memory Raida de Bonito Serra da Bodoquena, will take you on an exciting ride in this video, which is also a true declaration of love for the history and nature of Bonito. The House of Broken Memory is an EspaCultural service with museum and storytelling, open Tuesday to Sunday, from 18:00 to 22:00. The Storytelling takes place at 19: 00hs. Fernanda invites: Come and dive into our stories and get drunk on our greatest wealth, memories. Memories of the brave Indian warriors Kadwéu, Silvino Jacques, the bandit, Sinhozinho, the miraculous healer, and much more.

Very soon we will put here on this page more stories and curiosities of our Bonito Incomparable. 

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