The cuisine in Bonito
The gastronomy of Bonito

You can spend almost a month in Bonito tasting different cuisine every day, without repeating the cooking style - unless you fall in love with it, of course. If you are one of those people who love to delve into regional cuisine when you travel, be sure to try Campomonesia adamantium, alligator meat, fish and chipa.

What are you hungry for today?

A well-known travel portal listed andspafavorite gastronomic services to eat in Bonito, in the opinion of those who have been to the city. Look how much variety of cuisine just between the places mentioned: Grilled meats, Brazilian, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free options, South American, Contemporary, Italian, Pizza, Lebanese, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, Fusion, Pastel, Fish, Sandwiches, Deli and Soups. 

$ a $$$$$

Following the price categorization by dollar signs, which you must have seen in several travel guides, the andspagastronomic services from Bonito practice prices from $ to $$$$$. That is, no matter how much you plan to shell out for each meal, restaurants, lanchonets, bars, cafes and pubs in Bonito will fit your budget. Eat in Bonito It won't necessarily be expensive, but it will always be delicious.

The drink that gives the most Tereré among friends

Tereré is the official drink here in the region of Bonito and Pantanal South, a habit brought by people from the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Gather friends on wheels of tereré To tell the news is much more refreshing, tasty and healthy than doing it through social networks. THE tereré Traditionally, it is prepared with yerba mate and cold water. Many prefer to add ice and lemon juice. There are variations with juice from other fruits. And even caipirinha caipirinha from tereré. According to nutritionists the tereré moisturizes, is antioxidant, invigorating, helps in memory, concentration and control of body fat. 

O Chef may be you

If the idea is to cook while you are here, it will be fun to know and learn about regional products in the food markets. Bonito. Many brands you'll find will be absolutely new to you, including frozen fish, coffee, pastries and a delicacy from Mato Grosso do Sul, the famous artisanal sausage from Maracaju, made only with meat from the back of the ox: picanha, rump, titty ... 

Campomonesia adamantium

Guavira, for the intimates, or the “fruit that Adam would eat”, for the most intimate, a symbolic fruit of Mato Grosso do Sul, is loved in Bonito, is present in ice cream, regional dishes and won a gastronomic festival of her own in December: the Guavira Festival. It has 20 times more vitamin C than orange, potassium which is excellent for muscle vigor, magnesium that aids digestion, and calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen bones and teeth. No self-medicating with guavira, huh?

What does alligator meat taste like?

The meat is white, has a mild taste: fish, for many people, with chicken meat texture. And I like chicken, for others. In Bonito you will find alligator meat fried, in gravy, stew and grilled. Alligator hunting is prohibited in almost all of Brazil, and especially in Bonitowhere concern for the environment is present in everything. The alligator served here is bred in captivity, which makes the meat much tastier than that of animals slaughtered in the wild.

Gastronomic Show of Bonito

The Gastronomic Show is usually one of the attractions of the Winter Festival of Bonito, in July. The andspaparticipating gastronomic services present a dish with regional ingredients, usually created by large Chefs. Already participated in the Chefs Valentim dos Santos, Magda Moraes, Lizandra Petinari, Felipe Caran, Edu Rejala, Dede Cesco, André Nardo, Marcílio Galeano, Paulo Machado, Marcelo Gueiros, Sylvio Trujillo, Tomas Saldanha, To, Lucas Caslu and Daniel Barbosa. Tourists elect the winning dishes in the direct vote.  

The chipa

Called by some Paraguayan cheese bread, chipa has long been a citizen sul-mato-grossense and beautiful. Golden or clearer, crunchy, creamy inside or more dry - but always in the shape of a half moon - you will find this regional delight in many places of Bonito, and maybe your in the hotel, hostel, hostel or resort.

House of João Restaurant and Warehouse

A Traíra Without Thorn, that leaves people speechless.

Espation Jack

A Jack loves barbecue.

And you?

Espeto Bonito

Do you want yours espetinho of what?

Juanita restaurant

Fish, meat, starters and saideiras

Marruá Hotel Restaurant

A La Carte!

 And also Los Pantaneiros

Pantanal Grill

There is a Brazil inside, with alligator and all

Pastel Bonito

Also try the costela with cheese and tomato

Grandma's Cantinho Restaurant

Delights of yesteryear made on wood stove

The secret of flavor: 

it's made on the wood stove

Rising Blue Restaurant
Praia da Figueira Restaurant

Try it, repeat it, help yourself again, repeat it.

Restaurant Wetiga

Pintado Sauce of Moquecawith charm Wetiga to go with


Congratulations, did you find the Subway but Bonito of the world!

Varandas Restaurant

Piraputanga Safadinha and other well served dishes.

Zagaia Bar and restaurant

600.000 m2 Input Nature, and Panoramic Flavors

Zapi Zen Pizzas & Wraps

Light pizzas and wraps geniuses that not only vegetarians love

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