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To motivate and exceed your expectations, destiny is Bonito

Discuss with the people who are planning to hold your event in Bonito and watch the reactions. Bonito touches the heart, instigates the imagination, has fantastic emotional and motivational power for the most diverse audience profiles, age groups and nationalities. Count on Bonito Convention & Visitors Bureau to be held in Bonito your best events ever. The Convention was specially structured to support event organizers and promoters by providing information, organizing technical visits and articulating local, public and private strategic partnerships.

The nature of Bonito is surprising, also in Events

50 Affiliates of Bonito Convention & Visitors Bureau cover all the logistics you need for corporate and social events: travel agencies, transportation companies, hotel chains, restaurants, tourist attractions, commerce, services, equipment and structures. You will be surprised by the facilities placed at your fingertips, both for a large congress and for a meeting restricted to special guests.

Convention Center Bonito

11 minutes from Bonito and 1 km from the city's commercial and gastronomic hub, the convention center reflects in its impressive architecture what Bonito represents for events: the harmonious integration between human beings, the playful universe of ecology and the world of business. Under the immense structure that reconstructs an authentic Guaicuru indigenous village, surrounded by green areas and with ample parking, you will have the entire disposition andspaair-conditioned rooms for up to 2.000 people: auditoriums, exhibition halls and multipurpose rooms. 

Bleisure, the new ally of your event

Business + leisure: Bringing business and leisure together is the megatrend of the corporate environment, already a reality in Bonito. In between working moments with crystal clear river dives, waterfall baths, horseback riding and nature trails, for example, your event will provide new and rich experiences for participants and guests. These experiences will always be remembered and associated with your event, reinforcing the branding of your brand and entity. Bleisure is especially effective in membership events such as congresses, seminars, symposiums and fairs.

Turn your dreams into magic

Wedding, honeymoon, graduation, birthday and wedding celebration: the best moments in life are those in which we make dreams come true. If your dream includes fantastic landscapes, special flavors, incredible surprises, memorable walks and a lot of joy, count on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping and entertainment services. Bonito.

You and your guests will feel that the nature of Bonito is in celebration for all.    

Start now with the support of Bonito for your event.

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