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Why Bonito and more bonito than other places on the planet?

A very rare and happy combination of geology, climate, fauna, flora and people happened here. 

Everything started to get Bonito 1 billion years ago

More than a billion years ago everything was sea in the place we know today by Bonito. Some of the beings in this underwater world were algae that sedimented limestone. The sediments settled on the seabed, dried up and can still be observed today. They are the gray stones in the caves of the region. It is estimated that there are more than 100 caves in the Serra da Bodoquena, Where is it Bonito.

Photo: Breno Teixeira

Nature and human beings

The rivers of Bonito they have a kind of natural filter. The limestone “pushes” organic waste from nature to the riverbed, leaving the watersspadifferent, luminous blue, unique, incomparable. This is added to the green of the surrounding tropical forests, the song of the birds, the voices of the animals that inhabit the banks and the various measures of environmental protection, severely observed. The result could only be Bonito.

Photo: Visit MS Oficial

6.000 species of birds, mammals, fish and plants

Macaws, toucans, owls suindara, tuiuiús, udús. Anteaters, maned wolves, jaguars. Piraputangas, pacus and dourados. fig trees, jaracatiás, guavira. 65% of birds cataloged in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul are in Bonito: 340 species. Mammals, they are 195. Fish, more than 50 and can reach 2.000. Plants, are different 4.000. Most you will see on the rides, and some even in your hotel and on the city streets.

The climate of Bonito It is perfect for fauna, flora and tourists.

The tropical climate of Bonito makes it possible for you to find summer in most seasons. In 8 months of the year, from September to April, temperatures are generally above 30º Celsius. From May to August the maximum temperatures can reach 29º Celsius. Cold only at night, and in winter, reaching 13º Celsius. The climate of Bonito provides the habitat ideal for the proliferation of different species of life.

21.500 nature tax on Bonito

Virtually 90% of 21.500 inhabitants of Bonito are directly or indirectly involved with tourism. And all with sustainable tourism, taught from school to every pretty guy. The incomparable landscapes of Bonito They are the result of daily efforts and attention to the environment, constantly improved, transmitted to all visitors and transformed into practical actions of sustainability in hotels, restaurants, tours and shops.

Sunbathing even in the toilets Bonito

Sustainable actions are not limited to the environmental care practiced by the walks. It is common to find hotels and other types of businesses that have implemented composts, earthworms and systems for capturing rainwater and solar energy.

COMTUR de Bonito, international reference for sustainable tourism

In 1995 the Municipal Tourism Council of Bonito - COMTUR, today a national reference for the implementation of Councils in other tourist destinations in Brazil. 

Photo: Daniel De Granville

Voucher Único de Bonito

Also in 1995 is created the system of Voucher Único, mandatory document for tourists to visit the tours. The system of Voucher Único, made digital in 2010, stipulates the maximum daily visitability of each Bonitofrom severe environmental impact studies.

From a wise unknown author

"In Bonito nothing is taken but photos, nothing is left but footprints, nothing is killed but time, nothing is burned except calories, nothing is but nostalgia. ”The author of this thought is unknown, but surely he knows like Bonito takes care of the environment.

The fish of Bonito will see you as a friend

Fishing is prohibited in Bonito, by Municipal Law. And hunting, by Federal Law. One of the most striking consequences caused by the ban on fishing is the constant approach that fish make to tourists: they do not feel threatened by people.

Almost zero illegal deforestation in Mato Grosso do Sul

The wildly illegal zero practice was achieved in 2017, according to the Inpe Atlantic Forest Remnant Atlas. What will you see around you on the hiking trails? Bonito This is what existed before the arrival of the European colonizers.

Best Destination for Responsible Tourism

In 2013, the world discovered another fascinating aspect about Bonito, responsibility for the environment. Bonito This year it received the Best Destination for Responsible Tourism Award, which was awarded at the World Travel Market in London.

Destination Award, Tourism for Tomorrow

In 2014 Bonito was a finalist for the Destination Award Tourism of Tomorrow, promoted by the WTTC - Worls Travel Tourism Council, held in China. The justification for the indication: Bonito managed to prevent the negative impacts of mass tourism from affecting its natural heritage. The key to this success was instigated in 1995 by the region's Tourism Board, which implemented a system to limit the number of visitors using vouchers. This system was thanks to the vision of an impressive network of local stakeholders, from private owners to local entrepreneurs, all seeking to conserve these landscapes that are part of the National Park. Serra from Bodoquena.

Photo: Carol Coelho

#1 Destination for Summer 2017 National Geographic

From 1888 to National Geographic It has taken its readers and netizens to the most interesting and surprising places on the planet. On 2017 she invited them to meet Bonito, chosen destination number 1 for the summer. And explained why: it is one of the top destinations for ecotourism, focused on sustainability, with natural splendor, waterfalls, caves and a buzzing undersea world. With vouchers limited, you'll be more likely to see what you want without waiting. ”

Best Ecotourism Destination in Brazil

Until 2018, Bonito He had already received 15 times the Best Ecotourism Destination Award in Brazil, promoted annually by Viagem e Turismo Magazine, through the voting of specialized jurors and readers. 

We will always post new information about the ecosystem that makes Bonito an incomparable place for nature lovers. 

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