Bonito it's unmatched

Photo: Breno Teixeira

Bonito it's unmatched

With 510 million km² on Earth's surface to choose from when traveling, more than 200.000 people from 196 countries choose the same 4,9 km².


For some mysterious reason, nature has decided to concentrate its masterpieces in one place, which represents only 0,00095% of the planet.


And did more. 


It brought together more than 19.000 people who dedicate their lives to caring for the environment: 89% of the 21.738 city dwellers live on tourism.


Do you know any other place in the world like this? 

8 rivers with calm watersspaannuities

8 rivers with calm waterssparents that allow us to fly over an underwater universe that seemed impossible to exist.

Dry and flooded caves

Dry and flooded caves that preserve sculptures produced by time and highlighted by beams of light.

Very rare image in the world.

The huge dolina inhabited by macaws.

Photo: Edson Vandeira

Vivid Colorful Birds

Vivid colorful birds, brushes painting the sky blue canvas.

Waterfalls and waterfalls that transform us

Waterfalls and waterfalls that make us marvel at the world we inhabit.

The incomparable destiny of Bonito

The fate of BonitoThe reason this place exists is to transform each visitor, showing the beauty of the balance between all species.

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