A new world to discover on a walk
A new world to discover on a walk

Will you came to Bonito and forgot to file an income tax return. Or brought the fridge home and she broke down right in the happy hour. Liked it so much Bonito who decided to move, suitcase, gourd and pet. Saw incredible furniture from madeira ecological, got excited and decided to build a mansion here. He took off his tie or high heels, bought a tractor and several cool T-shirts. You can do all of this in Bonito, as well as strolling through fashion stores, exploring regional market products and revamping the baby and home's layette. The streets are flat and the trade in Bonito It is inspiring.


Accounting with these smiles and this look is something else. See the Exata team tips for tourists.

Furniture and Decorations
Home & Country

Exclusive furniture in madeira ecological, service with poetry, coffee and cheese bread. Worldwide delivery.

Santos Supermarket

Everything to cook in your camp, hostel and Batcaverna

Vanzella Transportation

Rental of vehicles, transfers in vans and minibuses

Start now planning your trip to Bonito!

Real Estate Agencies

Tickets, accommodation, transfers, car rental, tour booking: the travel agency will take care of everything for you, in a personalized way, and make great suggestions. And installment payment


A cozy hostel in the tourist center, a beautiful hotel integrated with nature, an amazing hostel with very affordable prices, a great resort full of leisure: which one has the face of the trip of your dreams?

We will always post new information and tips from the trade, one of the things that make Bonito an unrivaled destination for those who like to explore local culture and habits.

Remember to come back! If you wish, we can let you know:

IDB – Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Bonito
February 24 Street 1507 Bonito | Mato Grosso do Sul | 79.290-000
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