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Some places have more than one story. There are hundreds. And one better than the other. The first in Buraco das Araras happened 200 thousand years ago. A huge crash made the woods shudder, scaring saber-toothed tigers, giant sloths, tapirs and giant armadillos. None of our hominid ancestorsspantou: they had not yet reached South America. After the dust settled, one of the most impressive visions on the planet emerged. A hole of extraordinary proportions. A hole, as the cattle pedestrians who discovered it in 1912 said. Over the years more stories have been accumulating around the hole. It was a meteor, some said. It was the roof of a cave that collapsed, the scientists said. Slovenians know the name of this. Dolina, which means valley. For those who come to Bonito, is the Hole of Macaws. But not just them, you know? 


Maximum Visitors / Day: 

Contemplative Trail, 495. Birdwatching, 24.

Adults and children 

Activities: Contemplative Trail and Bird Watching

Duração do passeio: 1h20 to 7h00

Access the Site: www.buracodasararas.com.br/


The largest dolina in South America

500 meters in circumference by a building more than 30 floors deep: 100 meters. Very rarely is the earth willing to create a dolina. It takes millions of years digging and digging and digging. And from the inside out.

Once upon a time 10 millions of years ago

The Hole of Macaws began to be “dug” 10 millions of years ago. Grain of sand by grain of sand, because the local soil is of the sandstone type. Until there was what the geologistslogos call it collapse. One possibility is that there was water supporting the ceiling of the cave. The water slowly ebbed, the pressure sucked the ceiling of the cave, and the Macaws were given a mansion to live in. 

The yellow-talking alligator is an envious animal, say the macaws

Of course the macaws would not reign alone in the Hole. Somehow, a couple of yellow-talking alligators have found a way to live in the heavenly emerald lake at the bottom of the dolina. The first explanation of how you got there you can disregard: rappelling. The second: they slipped after a heavy rain and the current threw them into the hole. The third is stranger still: someone would have put them there on purpose.

Have to swallow frog to survive

Then you ask: okay, but how do alligators live at the bottom of the hole? The theory is that they feed on frogs, toads and distracted animals that fall inside. Alligators reproduce, start to find the place too small, eat each other, a couple survive, and life goes on. Swallowing frogs. At least those who sucuri leave. That's right, she also lives in Buraco das Araras.

"You're just a cattle egret, I'll poke you in the beak!"

Those who enjoy eavesdropping on other people's bird life will take place at Buraco das Araras. More than 150 bird species rejoice the ride. A huge upright condominium visited by marias-faceiras, duck-hawks, rheas, jaós, jacupembas, plovers, tamarinspantanal... even sati!

This story of the Hole of Macaws the whole world knows

And isn't that hurricane turned international movie star? In the soccer game of animation Rio 2 he steals the scene. It is the stadium where the exciting match between the macaws takes place.

The channel OFF will leave even more people ON in the Hole

These TV people are all yellow-headed alligators! After Buraco das Araras shone in Rio 2, the channel's film crew Off he was jealous and came to register the famous hole. He's in the 40 Days series on Pantanal, including Serra da Bodoquena. O Off is the coolest ecological emotion channel on Brazilian TV. 

Attentive ears, eyes open, camera ready

Once you get to the receptive of the tour, have a coffee, stretch in the hammock, visit the store, check if brought the camera or phone, to take pictures. The excursion to Buraco das Araras will be done through the 970 meter trail, with two stops.

Stories that can only be told to tourists

The guide will tell you the stories and legends surrounding the place. How the hole was used before it became a tourist attraction. How it was recovered. It will also talk about the fauna and flora. Will give photo tips. Your expectation and curiosity to see closely the Hole of Macaws will grow with each step.

Photo: Ricardo Castilho

You got to where it all started 200 a thousand years ago

A huge crater with sandstone walls amidst the vegetation of the cerrado. A huge green eye looking at the perfect blue of the sky. Macaws circling their nests, dancing in the air. This is what the pedestrians who discovered Buraco saw in 1912.

Photo: Daniel de Granville

The love life of macaws

From June to December the Hole becomes one of the largest concentrations of Red Macaws in the world, with approximately 120 individuals with different colors, corners, flights and personalities. Macaws can lay up to three eggs in their nests in the rock spans.

Photo: Ricardo Castilho

1h20 or up to 7h00

You can book two types of visitation - from 1:20 am walking the trail to the dolina, or spending 4:00 am or more on the spot, to choose the light and the ideal moment for your photos, enjoy the view from the viewpoints and let yourself be taken by mood of Buraco das Araras.

One of 7's wonders of Bonito

Today the place is considered a sanctuary. One of the 7 ecological wonders that only Bonito gathers: rare specimens, intact forests, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, caves, abyss and dolina. The Hole welcomes enthusiastic visitors from every corner of the planet. More than 20 thousand people annually. Technicians, biotlogos and the tour team are fully dedicated to its preservation. Hundreds of thousands of years after the first story about Buraco das Araras, each tourist who comes to discover a new one: his own. What impact will it have on you? 

Another rarity that only Buraco das Araras has

It's yours Modesto, the inventor of the hole. Inventor, yes sir. Only he saw what everyone was looking at and not seeing. That this place could not be buried under civilization, which needed to be protected. Like yours Modesto He has done this he will tell in person, and in a good mood.

Hole of Macaws - Yours Modesto playing loudly Hole of Macaws Bonito MS Brasil Bonito Unmatched Photographer Patrick Gijsbers

Photo: Patrick Gijsbers

My story with Bonito

If you live in another country, when you come to Brazil you will hear people being proud that the “Brazilian is an optimist”. Your Modesto, Brazilian of body, soul and tereré, prove it. In 1986 he decided to buy a fazento support the family. After he closed the deal, he realized that people in the area of ​​his new property were looking at him with a sarcastic smile. Someone took courage and decided to solve the mystery: “Your Modesto, a good part of your property is a giant hole ”. Perhaps it was at that moment that His Modesto decided the name of your fazenda: Joy!

More than 30.000 days of life, only 60 in town

I was born in 1936, twenty-four years after the discovery of the Hole. I spent my childhood here in the region of Bonitoin a fazenat the riverside Formoso. When I bought this land I was already 52. Many people at this age think that they are already “going downhill” in life, as they say in our country. I started to climb! I am proud of many things. Of my children, from this part of Brazil where I live, having had the strength to transform a geological accident into a beautiful ecological attraction. And just spent 60 days in a city. Everyone else I lived in Pantanal or here in Buraco das Araras.

I had heard of that hole, I just didn't know he was mine

Four years after I found out I owned the funniest joke in the world Mato Grosso do Sul, closed my eyes and imagined my oxen grazing carefree, happy in life, looking at the macaws curiously ... on the edge of an immense hole. Then I laughed, laughed at my thoughts. Me and myself, having fun together, exchanging ideas, until one of the two said: “Modesto, has that saying that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. She gave us a hole, let's make it an attraction ”. I put a gate and started charging R $ 2,00 from anyone who wanted to laugh at me.

Today I have fun with people

In 1996 I was no longer a rancher. It was a hole. Tourism in Bonito started to take shape and I decided to cultivate happiness in the Fazenof Joy. I reforested the place, crazy idea, in the opinion of many people. Tourists come from all over this planet. I met fantastic people, people who love nature like me. Today, my family's livelihood is based on the best feeling there is.

Photo: Ricardo Castilho

"I'm sure I saw something move down there"

See, I answered. And I added: It must have been one of the alligators or the sucuri. But is it there? The man asked. I said: There is, and there was much more, boy. He had a car, they had bones ... I saw he turned white when he babbled: bones ... from ... what ...? I stopped laughing and spoke very seriously, looking him straight in the eye: bones of people who stole, of people who were evil ... and people who were too curious. At that time I couldn't stop laughing, and I got another friend.

Your Modesto says it took a lot of work to dig the hole of the macaws ...

This story and many others are on the Buraco das Araras website. When they ask your Modesto how the hole was made he explains:  

It started with my great-grandfather, who gave the first hoes to look for water in the fazengives. Then the "work" passed to my grandfather, who passed it on to my father, until it reached me. I dug up to 100 meters and found water. But I had a problem with my hand, I couldn't continue and I tried to pass it on to my children ... but the young people don't want to know anything, they said it was already good that size and they didn't even fix the wall, they left it that way ... I was so angry that, to calm myself down, they paid homage to me by sculpting my face in the rock. Can you see?

Now I am also utuber

One day Edson Moroni, who is marketing here in Buraco, and who is always inventing news, said that having a YouTube channel would attract even more people here. I said, "Okay, Edson, let's do this, so I'll teach you how to be a real utuber." We made the videos, they are there in Buraco das Araras channel. Every once in a while I let Edson show his face in the videos. But not always, for him not to be convinced, finding himself. Like me. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

The heart of Bonito it's unmatched

Who knows Bonito more closely you see many beautiful things beyond the rivers and woods. Bonito It has a mother's heart, warm and affectionate. It welcomes the tourists who just arrived as if he had lived here forever. There is a survey from the Ministry of Tourism that showed that the State of Mato Grosso do Sul It is the most hospitable in Brazil.

Go to João, go on Juanitabut don't forget the Carreteiro

Bonito There is a lot of good food. I really like Casa do João and Restaurant Juanita. But if you can, try a good one too. carreteirofast food typical of Pantanal, the base of beef jerky and rice. With fried egg and cassava is perfect! When you come here, bring the ingredients…. leave the pan on me! rsrsrsrsrsrsrs

Smells like Bonito I do not know but...

The other day Edson said they asked what smell that Bonito have, in my opinion. “Look, Edson, smell of Bonito I let you answer… But if you ask about the beautiful people… then, I know! ” Just kidding! Bonito It smells of woods, of river mines.

The Creator's voice and smile

And before anyone asks, I already answer: the sound of Bonito It's the waterfalls, the birds. If you close your eyes and keep quiet, "looking" with your ears, you will hear the voice of God in the music of waterfalls. The birds are His smile.

Heavenly Truth About the Hole

Someone said that "who does not know where he came from, does not know where he is going". That is the importance of knowing the past, the history. At the end of the tour, I insist on receiving tourists for a conversation, to tell my “stories”, the stories of this place, and to hear people's stories. When the stories meet, something very bonito: lives embrace. Friendships are born, affinities are discovered, experiences are exchanged. Perhaps nature created this place 200 years ago so that it became a storybook with macaws coloring its pages.

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