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All that is Bonito for the children

Swim among the fish, walk in the treetops, jump in waterfalls, fly in zip lines. Bonito it is a real natural playground for children. And perhaps more importantly, it is an example of how the world gets more bonito when people and nature live in perfect balance. 


Photo: Alexis Prappas

Between dives and nice animals

Swim in the river Formoso, in the company of the fish that live here in Bonito and who love meeting people. And also take pictures of buffaloes, llamas, monkeys, ostriches, macaws… Come and live these experiences with children at Balneário do Sol. 

Day Use: adults and children

Photo: Breno Teixeira

Discover the secret of Sucuri

Why is the river named Sucuri? It is because, seen from above, it snakes through the woods! Here in the tour Barra do Sucuri - and on all float rides of Bonito - you don't need to know how to swim. Neoprene clothing and a vest with buoys prevent people from sinking into the water.

Fluctuation: any age.

Meet the famous waterfall that rises in the sky

156 meters high! Children of any age can live this experience in Boca da Onça, the largest waterfall in the world. Mato Grosso do Sul.

Abseiling: from 12 years old and at least 45 kg.

Trail: up to 6 years, free.

Waterfalls: up to 6 years, free.

Lunch: up to 6 years, free.

Photo: Marcelo Krause

Scubara 4 meters deep

It will be an unforgettable adventure to know the underwater world that exists in Rio Formoso, with tree trunks and limestone formations that play with the imagination.

Diving: From 10 years old.

Discover the macaws hideout

And learn what a dolina is. Buraco das Araras provides a rare look in the world. Another rare thing over there is Yours Modesto! 

Visitation: up to 07 years, free

Be the Indiana Jones of the Waters

Does strolling through the treetops and float gently on giant buoys in a tranquil riverspaare among your son's consumption dreams? Let's go to Cabanas Adventure!

Day canopy: from 6 years and minimum of 1.15m in height.

Night tree climbing: from 10 years and minimum of 1.15m in height.

Buoy Cross: from 6 years.

Photo: Fernando Peres

Take a dip in Bodoquena's natural pools

The scenery is mythical and the fun is guaranteed in the waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena, from bathing to birds, including the boat ride. 

Trail: up to 5 years, free.

Waterfalls: up to 5 years, free.

Boat: up to 5 years, free.

Lunch: up to 5 years, free.

The Fountain of Youth does exist

And besides her, 11 waterfalls in Ceita Core, which means Land of My Children. For children of any age means "take me, take me!".

Cavalcade: up to 5 years, free.

Trail: up to 5 years, free.

Waterfalls: up to 5 years, free.

Lunch: up to 5 years, free.

Park so your son never saw

O Eco Park Porto da Ilha has 30.000m2 for children from 5 years old to spend the day in the company of what Bonito have more bonito. 

Day Use: from 5 years.

Electric boat: from 5 years. 

Buoy Cross: from 5 years.

Stand Up Paddle: from 5 years.

Boat: from 5 years.

Duck: from 5 years.

Lunch: up to 6 years, free.

This Fazenthe kids will freak out

A San Francisco it's a fazenof the truth in Pantanal South, with day use, part-time tour, night focus, educational tourism and much more.

Activities: from 4 years.

Journey to the heart of the earth

What children enjoy most in the Caves of São Miguel? All! The trail suspended between the treetops, the “pearls” inside the cave, the owl Suindara and the gazebo, fantastic spot to photograph.

Visitation: from 5 years.

Imagine your son's face here

The Blue Spring, known for its turquoise waters, now also has an adventure park, Adventure.

Adventure: (zip line and human pendulum): from 6 years. 

Bathhouse: up to 5 years, free.

Floatation and Track: from 4 years.

Diving: from 4 years.

Lunch: up to 4 years, free.

Photo: Multi Frequency

Count to 7 by jumping into waterfalls

7 waterfalls for swimming, one more WOW than the other. Children of any age can enjoy this in Parque das Cachoeiras.

Trails and waterfall: up to 5 years, free. 

Lunch: up to 5 years, free.

Rio surprises Formoso for the children

Swim in a natural lagoon, water zip lines, mountain biking and hiking trails, all in Rio Ecological Park Formoso. 

Buoy Cross: from 8 years. 

Cavalcade: from 8 years. 

Lagoon: up to 6 years, free.

Trail Formoso: from 8 years.

Lunch: up to 6 years, free.

Who says there is no beach in Bonito?

Look at it, Praia da Figueira, with soft sands, a plane to dive around and - a sensational experience - kiosks in the water, with fish swimming around you. 

Day Use: Children of any age, free.

Know the jiboias most show in the world

Are snakes evil animals? Do you believe that there are people who jiboia around the neck and play with it and take pictures? Without any fear! Do you know who will want to do this tonight? You and your son, on the Project talk show Jiboia!

Talk Show Jiboia: Up to 3 years, free

Spend the day playing in crystal clear water

O Refúgio da Barra has two decks special for children up to 5 have fun in the crystal clear waters of Rio Formoso. Guess how long your family will want to stay here. The whole day!

Day Use: all ages.

Storytelling for children

The House of Memory Raida de Bonito Serra da Bodoquena has storytelling from Tuesday to Sunday at 19h00. 

Book: casadamemoriaraida@gmail.com

Storytelling: any age, free


Children do not pay when accompanied by paying adult. 

We will always put on this page the news about the attractions that make Bonito Unmatched for those traveling with children. 

Remember to come back! If you wish, we can let you know:

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